Adaptable to Any Industry

Industries that rely on multiple sources of data aren’t too different in their need to collect and understand their data. For this reason, we make our solutions available to ANY industry that collects measurable data.

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Precision Agriculture_webIcon


While the human population is growing, crop yield has plateaued. Technology and data will help us break through the barriers to more efficient and higher-quality yield production. Monitor crops in real time and build strategies that make efficient use of resources.

Oil & Gas


Cleaner, more efficient energy extraction and transport is possible with the right data and the ability to remotely monitor site conditions. See the data in a way that gives you peace of mind, a comprehensive overview of all of your systems, and the ability to quickly make decisions.

Emergency medical service


With the deployment of so many safety technologies designed to monitor emergency situations, what’s needed is a way to bring them all together for Situational Awareness. Monitor your resources, see the bigger picture and make smarter, safer decisions in faster time.

Smart Infrastructure


City infrastructure components are becoming smarter by broadcasting information about their status and their public use. We can make your smart city truly smart by integrating all of your data sources into a decision-making environment so planners, engineers, and citizens alike can develop new uses for the data.

Smart Cities


Being “smart” is utilizing all of your information to address urban challenges. Cities are catching on and deploying sensors to monitor everything from stoplights to air quality to potholes. We make the data open and transparent so you can put your imagination to work.



Modern mining generates mountains of data related to operations as well as where to focus operations. Bring all of this information together to make smarter, safer decisions that optimize costs and improve worksite efficiencies.


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