Software Systems Pricing

All our software systems are customized according to your goals, needs, and data sources.  Our pricing structure is also customized based on your needs. Please contact us for a personalized pricing structure.

What we offer

We are data aggregators.

Solutions are customized according to your goals, needs, and data sources.  We believe data is most powerful when it is integrated, so we offer platforms that compile and analyze data to show trends and correlations in a way never before seen. With the complete picture, data is more valuable, and greater potential is reached.

Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool

We tell you which Satellite maneuvers in space are important, alerts you to activities of interest, and predicts Satellite maneuvers before they happen

Smart Image Analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence tools go deep within your images to classify objects and activities of interest

Smart GeoSpatial Analysis

We give an expert set of geospatial tools to host your imagery, layer your analysis, and share your products with your customers

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