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Server Gateway


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Server Gateway

This is the beginning of the Integration of Things. Sensor data comes in many formats, intervals, and velocities. Our Server Gateway technology manages all of these feeds and normalizes the data for storage and analysis.


Deploy your sensors

Connect and Store Data

Send Data for Analysis

How Does the Server Gateway Help Me?

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Configurable to almost any sensor

Data Gateway Software Screen Capture

Advanced Analytics

Integrating your data lets you do amazing things.  Our advanced machine learning and visualization tools give you greater insight into a complex macro-world. 

    • Customized visualizations to get the clearest, most informative view of analyzed data
    • Embed visualizations into dashboards for rapid clarity


    • Be informed by your data, not encumbered by it

GIS Fusion

Because "WHERE" matters! Every bit of data has a location component, whether it is the location of the sensor or a remotely sensed object. This is a user-friendly collaborative Geospatial Information Service platform that integrates all of your data to give you situational awareness in real time.

Connect to your data

Build custom maps

Share with others

Take it for a test drive!

Here's a sample map integrating real-time data feeds with historical data for prioritizing disaster response resources for flooding victims.

Dashboard Tools

Integration in plain sight, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions. You choose to see all of your data or specific pieces. Dashboards are customized to your goals and needs.

See all of your data

Dashboard Tools Computer Icon

Customize your dashboard

Dashboard Tools Gauge Icon

Make informed decisions

Sample Dashboard fusing real-time data feeds with historical data for real Precision Agriculture!

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