Pattern of Life Analysis for Space Maneuver Prediction and Identification

Nothing predicts future behavior like past behavior.  We characterize space behaviors to inform and predict When, Where, and Why future behaviors will occur. 

Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool (PoMAT)

Built for the US SPACE FORCE, PoMAT helps ensure safety and security for our on-orbit satellites. We classify and predict satellite maneuvers of interest based on Pattern of Life (POL) activities.
Satellite Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool Web Demo

Maneuvers are Easy to Detect. Intentions are Not

See the full spectrum of activities and interactions of all satellite systems

Space is Highly Pattern-Friendly!

Maintain a robust understanding of satellite associations and behaviors

See More Than Just Patterns and Maneuvers

Determine satellite onboard-technologies and build alerts for activities of interest

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