Smart City is Here!

City infrastructure components are becoming smarter by broadcasting information about status and public use. Too often these components silo their data when much could be gained from pulling all of the data together.

Geospatial Smart City Data

Satellite Communication Interruptions

Satellite Health and Status Impacts

Impacts to Sensor Operations

Changes to Orbital Positions

Data Tools

Deep Learning Predictions

Trend Analysis

Pattern of Life Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Customized Dashboards

Visualize Real-Time Or Historical Data

Investigate Pattern of Life Activity

Share Analytics and Dashboard Visualizations

Smart City Technology

Make Your Smart City Genius

Cities are getting smarter by taking advantage of widely dispersed, highly functional sensors. Too often that data ends up in single application siloes or just hits the floor. So much more can be gained by  pulling that data together and analyzing it as a whole

Smart City Technology

Better Productivity with our Deep Learning

The proliferation of Low Earth Orbit imaging systems has outpaced the ability for Imagery Analysts to keep pace.  Our Computer Vision processing on Spectral Imagery is breaking new ground for imagery analysis and feature detection