Flying Spacecraft is Risky


Because we don’t know where a space-object is, only where it was, there exists uncertainty and safety concerns while operating spacecraft.  The good news, Patterns of Life give us greater insights to reduce risk to mission and improve flight safety.

Characterize the Space Environment

Satellite Communication Interruptions

Satellite Health and Status Impacts

Impacts to Sensor Operations

Changes to Orbital Positions

Data Tools

Deep Learning Predictions

Trend Analysis

Pattern of Life Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Customized Dashboards

Visualize Real-Time Or Historical Data

Investigate Pattern of Life Activity

Share Analytics and Dashboard Visualizations

Space Technology in Real Life

Deep Learning for Spectral Imagery Classifications

The proliferation of Low Earth Orbit imaging systems has outpaced the ability for Imagery Analysts to keep pace.  Our Computer Vision processing on Spectral Imagery is breaking new ground for imagery analysis and feature detection

Space Technology in Real Life

When is a Satellite About to Move?

Satellite are ALWAYS moving, right?  This makes it challenging when these orbits change in big and small ways.  Given the ever-increasing number of satellites being launched, tracking and anticipating maneuvers is going to ensure mishaps do not occur.  Our Deep Learning and Pattern of Life Analysis tools track objects and predict events.  Better to be ahead of these activities to keep space objects moving smoothly.