Our Data Analytics Protect Some of Our Most Valuable Space Assets

The global commercialization of Space means Satellites must operate in confined spaces. Planned and unplanned maneuvers create risks to high-value space systems. We monitor and predict these maneuvers for enhanced Space Domain Awareness and advanced warnings of activities.
Satellite Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool Web Demo

Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool

We tell you which Satellite maneuvers in space are important, alerts you to activities of interest, and predict Satellite maneuvers before they happen

Built for the USSPACE FORCE

to protect our high-value space assets from rogue maneuvers and to alert operators to activities of interest within the Geo Belt.  

Smart Space Domain Awareness

Satellite Maneuver Detection and Characterization
Satellite Behavior Predictions and Forecasts
Process Mining for Pattern of Life Monitoring
Alerts for Ecosystem Behaviors of Interest

Space Technology in Real Life

Predicting Satellite Behaviors: The Luch

Follow along as we track and predict behaviors for one of the Geo Belts most active satellites, “The Luch.” Norad ID 40258, (LUCH OLYMP) is a secretive Russian military satellite that actively “visits” other satellites in the Geo Belt. We track and predict its behaviors referencing high-fidelity observation data and our PoMAT tool giving space observers advanced alerts on behaviors of interest for safety and security.

Space Technology in Real Life

When is a Satellite About to Move?

Satellite are ALWAYS moving, right?  This makes it challenging when these orbits change in big and small ways.  Given the ever-increasing number of satellites being launched, tracking and anticipating maneuvers is going to ensure mishaps do not occur.  Our Deep Learning and Pattern of Life Analysis tools track objects and predict events.  Better to be ahead of these activities to keep space objects moving smoothly.

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