Precision To Decision

We offer software services that turn your raw data in decision quality data for rapid analysis and accurate decision-making.


Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool

We tell you which Satellite maneuvers in space are important, alerts you to activities of interest, and predict Satellite maneuvers before they happen

Smart Image Analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence tools go deep within your images to classify objects and identify activities of interest that save you time and money in your business

Smart GeoSpatial Analysis

We give you an expert set of geospatial tools to host your imagery, layer your analysis, and share your products with your customers

Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool (PoMAT)

Built for the US SPACE FORCE, PoMAT helps ensure safety and security for our on-orbit satellites. We classify and predict satellite maneuvers of interest based on Pattern of Life (POL) activities.
Satellite Pattern of Maneuver Analysis Tool Web Demo

Maneuvers are Easy to Detect. Intentions are Not

See the full spectrum of activities and interactions of all satellite systems

Space is Highly Pattern-Friendly!

Maintain a robust understanding of satellite associations and behaviors

See More Than Just Patterns and Maneuvers

Determine satellite onboard-technologies and build alerts for activities of interest

Simple, Fast Deep Learning Analytics

Raw data rarely answers questions.  We embed autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of traditional Business Intelligence (BI)to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Assemble Your Data

We remove the hassle and expense of building orthomosaics from all of your raw data.  Our tools are built to preserve your data for future analysis.

Train Your AI Models

Take charge of your analysis by performing your own data-model development using our simple tools and instructions for pixel selection and labeling.

Classify Your Data

Find the materials, features, and conditions of interest using our advanced Machine Learning routines that with precision and speed.

GIS and Sensor Data Fusion

We solve the problem of how to display your data so you can make fast, informed decisions. Our analytics engine ensures you see either all of the data, or just the data that’s important. Spectralink is flexible, adaptive, and has a full suite of customization tools to get the most out of your data. More importantly, anyone can quickly learn the tools and techniques to turn raw data in Dashboard Decision Tools.

Crop field damage report based on damage sources

Connect to Data Sources

right from the Spectralink interface

Our GIS platform allows you to upload and connect almost any GIS source (raster, vector, database or map server) as well as sensor sources recording data.

Integrate All of Your Data

to ensure you have the complete picture

Download, share, or embed your GIS products via the web to almost any location. Build seamless integration between business intelligence data with location information for a more complete picture.

Create Customized Analytics

that solve the problem

Now that your data is flowing, easily build an analytics workflow using the full spectrum of datastores.  Results can be displayed using a host of graphs, charts, plots and GIS overlays. 

Create Customized Dashboards

that focus on the problem you are solving

Create customized, drag and drop dashboards that present both raw and analyzed data in ways that inform you and your customers without getting lost in the noise.

Make Informed Decisions

using intuitive, informative visualizations

Our dashboard tools help you create fast, informed decisions about the data that matters the most to your business.

How Will GIS Fusion Help Me?

GIS data fusion is the combination of data from your geographic information system products and Spectralink as a Service. GIS data fusion allows you to connect data from almost any source, create multi-layer maps, and integrate your GIS products into the web at almost any location.





We Create the Big Picture.

Industries that rely on multiple sources of data aren’t too different in their need to collect and understand their data.  Our services, combined with subject matter expertise and ever-evolving technologies, offer a complete picture to identify solutions to complex challenges faced by many industries.  We make data more useful by creating the big picture of how certain factors influence others. 

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