Get More Imagery Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is radically changing how we analyze data. It’s faster, more precise, and more flexible meaning it can do more with data you already collect. We enable you to use Artificial Intelligence to analyze your own spectral data to derive answers to questions too complex for spectral indices.


Because It's All About the Data!

You don’t need to be an Image Scientist nor a Data Scientist to process your imagery data with Machine Learning.  You only need our tools and solid Ground Truth about the objects and conditions of interest in order to train your ML models properly.  Once trained, you can reuse your models, build new ones, or incorporate other models built by other professionals.

Because the Future is AI!

It’s time to move on from Spectral Signatures, they have been replaced by the Machine Learning Data Model.    Moving on begins by essentially starting with the object and/or condition of interest and working backwards through Machine Learning to train a Data Model. These ML Data Models essentially determine the right questions the Classifiers need to ask of your data to identify all the objects and features of interest.


How This Works

Drone - Aircraft - Satellite

Upload Your Orthomosaic to Our Platform for Data Model Training or Image Classification

Build Your ML Data Models

Use Our Machine Learning to Teach the Classifiers to Recognize Objects and Conditions of Interest

Analyze Your Data

Use Your Pre-Built Machine Learning Data Models to Classify Your Image Sets and Learn More about Features of Interest

For Fun, Let’s Walk Thru Building an Analysis Engine

  • Name this Analysis Engine


  • Describe Its Purpose (For References)


  • Assign Your ML Model Labels

  • Select Regions of Interest based on Ground Truth


  • ROIs Will Be Used for Pixel Labeling

  • Select ROI from Index


  • Determine Pixel Selection Tool


  • “Paint” Pixels Based on Ground Truth Labels

That’s It!  You’ve Just Built Your First Classifier And Are Now Ready To Classify Your Imagery

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