Get More Imagery Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is radically changing how we analyze data. It’s faster, more precise, and more flexible meaning it can do more with data you already collect. We enable you to use Artificial Intelligence to analyze your own spectral data to derive answers to questions too complex for spectral indices.

GIS and Sensor Data Fusion

We solve the problem of how to display your data so you can make fast, informed decisions. Our analytics engine ensures you see either all of the data, or just the data that’s important. Spectralink is flexible, adaptive, and has a full suite of customization tools to get the most out of your data. More importantly, anyone can quickly learn the tools and techniques to turn raw data in Dashboard Decision Tools.

Crop field damage report based on damage sources

Connect to Data Sources

right from the Spectralink interface

Our GIS platform allows you to upload and connect almost any GIS source (raster, vector, database or map server) as well as sensor sources recording data.

Integrate All of Your Data

to ensure you have the complete picture

Download, share, or embed your GIS products via the web to almost any location. Build seamless integration between business intelligence data with location information for a more complete picture.

Create Customized Analytics

that solve the problem

Now that your data is flowing, easily build an analytics workflow using the full spectrum of datastores.  Results can be displayed using a host of graphs, charts, plots and GIS overlays. 

Create Customized Dashboards

that focus on the problem you are solving

Create customized, drag and drop dashboards that present both raw and analyzed data in ways that inform you and your customers without getting lost in the noise.

Make Informed Decisions

using intuitive, informative visualizations

Our dashboard tools help you create fast, informed decisions about the data that matters the most to your business.

How Will GIS Fusion Help Me?

GIS data fusion is the combination of data from your geographic information system products and Spectralink as a Service. GIS data fusion allows you to connect data from almost any source, create multi-layer maps, and integrate your GIS products into the web at almost any location.




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