Spectrabotics is a geospatial data analytics company determined to change how the World sees data. Our data-engine is simple to use and ever-expanding as new sensor data, and analytic ideas emerge...to make better decisions.
We give you the tools to ingest, analyze, fuse, and present almost any sensor data from your data stores and around the Web.

So how do you build that Single Point of Truth?

Do More with Your Data

Our data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities will streamline your operations, reduce your costs, and improve the product you present to your customer.

Data Fusion Applications that make your data more contextual

The heart of SpectralinkTM is the ability to ingest and display almost any geospatial data format. You collect it, we display it. Learn More

Remote Sensing and Asset Tracking Tools That Let You Monitor in Real-Time

SpectralinkTM lets you track and monitor any remote sensing and reporting device. We provide the real-time updates and historical analysis. Learn More

Customize Data Applications and Report Generators

Build customized data analytics from your data sources and around the web. As new sensors and data become available, you can create new applications. Learn More

Try Out a Sample of Interface

Import Your GIS Data

Upload or connect to any GIS layer including Shape, KML, GEOJASON, and weblinks. Create custom maps easily and share your maps as links or web-embeds.

Upload All Imagery Data

Upload any geo-referenced image from individual scenes to large mosaics. We've solved sharing your data as you send links to your customers, not large image files!

Import Sensor Data

Have access to real-time sensors and need to view locations data? Say you want to analyze the data in real-time. Spectralink does that!

Import Live Data Feeds

There are many data sources around the web you can connect to your maps such as tracking, weather, and video cameras sending their data to the web.

Want to see what your data can do on our platform?

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